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Stock Car Racing

The adrenaline rush, excitement, and thrills of stock car racing are now available for your next event. Our Micro Reality Stock Car Racing is the ultimate interactive experience! This is a great activity for ages 8 to 80. We have a SLOT-LESS track and our cars can go anywhere! The races are filled with fast cars, close calls, spectacular crashes, and tons of heart pounding action. Experience the thrill of racing your favorite stock car at scale speeds of up to 200 mph. Stuck on the wall? No problem, throw it in reverse and you're back in the race.

The banked oval track measures 16' wide by 24' long. The remote control cars are 9" by 20". The cars are controlled by consoles with a steering wheel and a variable speed throttle including forward and reverse. We have a 1/24 scale die cast version of each car on the consoles to help drivers identify and race their favorite cars. The cars are very responsive making racing a fun, exciting, and true to life experience.

We have a lap counter and sound system to announce the leaders during the race, the winners, play music, keep the crowds involved, and the keep the excitement level high. The lap counter provides an opportunity to give away prizes or promotional items. We are capable of having a racing tournament leading up to a grand prize. Micro reality stock car racing is a great way to build traffic at your business or event!

Race Track and Cars

Stock Cars and Track

Whether racing fans or not, the spectators will gather and the racers just keep coming back. We can advertise your organization through our sound system, banners on the track, and even design you a race car.

Imagine the impression a race car bearing your name racing around the track would leave! Contact us for more information. We have a high turnover with the track (the average race lasting under 2 minutes) making it perfect for promotions, large gatherings, and fundraisers.

Every race event includes:

  • 16' W by 24' L banked oval track
  • 4-6 remote control stock cars
  • 4-6 driving consoles
  • Computerized lap counter
  • Sound system
  • Delivery, set up, and operation
  • Professional pit crew
  • Insurance

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